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Robert Van Tuyl — Managing Director

Nhan Nguyen — Chief Technology Officer

Shoaib Mian — Chief Architect

Robert Van Tuyl, Managing Director

Mr. Van Tuyl has over 17 years of system integration and product development experience in a wide range of industries including utilities, high tech, financial institutions and manufacturing at customers such as Sun Microsystems, Fidelity Investments, Netscape, eBay, Cisco, Sony, and Infocus. Mr. Van Tuyl managed multiple large scale system integration projects as part of Accenture. Most recently Mr. Van Tuyl led the engineering/development team at a biometric payment and loyalty start up. Mr. Van Tuyl holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from The Rijswijk Technical Institute in The Netherlands.

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Nhan Nguyen, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of professional experience in information technology, transaction processing, and diverse computer science technologies. From Fortune 500 companies to start ups, Dr. Nguyen has implemented and deployed products and services for the brick and mortar as well as for the online and mobile business. Nguyen is currently Chief Technology Officer at Gemstone Global Services where he leads and manages a technology implementation service group that provides development of products and services to fortune 500 companies. Prior to Gemstone Dr. Nguyen has served as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Pay By Touch (PBT) where he led the technology strategy, implementation and operations of all products and services. Dr. Nguyen joined PBT from Yodlee, an online financial account aggregation services firm, where, as Chief Technology Officer, he spear headed the implementation and completion of the new Yodlee technology platform. Prior to Yodlee, Dr. Nguyen was Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations at iPin (now Valista), a company that provides online, and mobile micro/macro payment transaction solutions for companies such as British Telecom, Vodafone, France Telecom. Prior to Valista, he was Senior Vice President of Enterprise Technology at Bank of America, where he was responsible for the design, implementation and deployment of the high volume financial transaction processing middleware infrastructure. During his career Dr. Nguyen also served as Executive Director at TRW (now Northrop Grumman) where he led the implementation and deployment of the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) for the Central Banks in Asia as part of the World Bank infrastructure projects. Dr. Nguyen holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Universités de Sciences in Paris.

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Shoaib Mian, Chief Architect

Mr. Mian has over 12 years of hands-on development and architecture experience in distributed computing environments and well z/OS for clients such as JP Morgan Chase, eBay, Pay By Touch and Oracle. He led the development of the high volume transaction internet payments system for Vodafone and British Telecom. Most recently Mr. Mian, architected and led the development team which developed eBay’s Open eBay platform that was successfully deployed and launched at the Web 2.0 2009 conference. Mr. Mian holds a BS in Computer Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Gemstone team experience and technical skillsets further include:

  • System & process modelers – system analysis including requirements analysis, systems capability assessment, and interface requirements during discovery phase. Work with software architects, security and systems architects to design technology architecture blueprint.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence and neural network technologies in applications for the financial and retail industries.
  • J2EE/SOA Dev; In-depth, hands-on application design and development experience ranging between 15-20 years. Extensive technical expertise includes J2EE technology, SOA, WebSphere, ESB, Java, JSP, XML/XSL, SOAP, HTTP, and JMS asynchronous messaging and CICS.  Expertise in object technologies in Java, EJB, CORBA.
  • Experience in other programming languages: C, C++, COBOL
  • OS/390 Systems programming experience in sysgens, developing user exits and modifications, SMP, system dump analysis, in both IMS and MVS/JES systems. Strong S/370, S/390 assembler skills.
  • Architects; 20+ yrs experience in Distributed and z/OS environments
  • DBA’s; In-depth, hands-on experience with multiple database technologies, including data warehouse, database gateways and transaction/messaging systems.  In-depth Database Administration experience in Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, IMS and CICS/VSAM, and database recovery. Relational databases include DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and Informix
  • System Engineers; Performance tuning, problem diagnosis and resolution for z/OS, OS390, IMS and CICS. UNIX platforms include LINUX, Solaris, AIX.
  • Security Architects: hands on experience in developing the security architecture for large scale technology operations.  Experience in compliance, security audit and certification processes.

Gemstone´s IP management skill set includes

  • IP portfolio analysts: in-depth analysis of corporate assets, gap analysis, and  identification of new IP
  • Expert researchers: industry, competitor and prior art research; M&A due-diligence
  • Idea mining experts: seasoned innovators with broad domain knowledge that  facilitate the analysis, concept broadening and extraction of patentable ideas
  • Creative patent writers with track record of successfully awarded patents
  • Experience with cradle-to-grave patent and trademark management: researching, writing, and filing with the  USPTO and/or  international patent offices

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Gemstone's Core Values

Gemstone’s strength comes from the integrity and experience of the company’s team, while our core values ensure continual delivery of value to clients.

Gemstone is’s built upon:

Technical Experience

The Gemstone team is comprised of experienced technology professionals coming together to create a dynamic team capable of effectively delivering the software and technology needs of Fortune 500 companies. Based in the Silicon Valley, Gemstone’s core members have years of technology experience across executive-level positions in a diverse range of industries, including finance, aerospace, software, and telecom. The result is a technology firm with a blend of technology skill set and real-world project management that gets the job done.