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The globalization of business has increased the stakes for every companyʼs technology and intellectual property needs.  Strong technology and infrastructure with a solid IP strategy are at the core of successful businesses. Gemstone provides services that allow businesses to leverage technology as a competitive advantage and protect their key assets through a comprehensive IP strategy.  From high volume OLTP applications to highly scalable secure web transactions and infrastructures, Gemstoneʼs experience and skills can create reliable solutions tailored to meet the on-demand needs of our clientsʼ business, regardless of industry.

Gemstone provides a range of services and expertise in the following areas:


  • Implement technology integration solutions for monitoring and application management
  • Provide access to US based staff with full development lifecycle and IT Operations experience for US based corporations
  • Provide staff with experience operating worldwide with understanding and knowledge of working in a challenging multicultural team.
  • Manage multiple sub-contractors and local partners in large scale integration projects
  • Provide tailored technology architectures and migration services


  • Deliver deep technology and industry knowledge in the area of.NET, J2EE, JEE, SOA, MDA
  • Integrate of Web2.0 applications using Ruby on Rails, LAMP, RRS
  • Develop and enable SaaS platform for legacy applications
  • Integrate with legacy environments using C++, C, Cobol, CORBA, CICS, IMS, MOM
  • Define and implement tailored product development lifecycle methodology
  • Technology development training and support centers


  • Provide Technology Security and Audit services
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security Model Assessment, Planning & Implementation


  • Manage service delivery and IT operations
  • Provide Data Center Hosting strategy, design, and deployment services
  • Provide virtualization technology selection and deployment services to reduce hardware infrastructure cost
  • Implement technology integration solutions for monitoring and application management


  • Engage in corporate Intellectual Property (IP) strategy counseling
  • Provide Competitor Research, Patentability search and Gap Analysis services
  • Assist with IP due diligence analysis during M&A events
  • Provide IP Asset Management services, including patent writing, filing and administration
  • Facilitate the development of new ideas into strong, defendable patents

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