Gemstone Global Services

Gemstone Global Service

Based in Silicon Valley, Gemstone Global Services is a specialized software consulting and delivery team with deep technical expertise. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Gemstone provides end-to-end software & technology services for secure and reliable applications and specializes in building high-volume transaction processing systems and infrastructure development.

Gemstone’s leaders bring technology know-how across all aspects of software development and technology operations using a proven risk-management methodology.  With years of hands-on experience across software development, technology operations, architecture design, systems security, and systems design, Gemstone’s customized solutions deliver what customers need while minimizing risk and optimizing resources.


Gemstone provides a supportive team environment with unique projects that test and enhance each team member’s skills.

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Trust. Results. Experience. Execution.

Our clients place their trust in us because:

  • Work is always performed in the best interest of the customer
  • Delivery is based on our experience in engineering and technology operations
  • We rely on proven credentials from some of the world’s largest corporations

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